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TAG is an acronym for the three major life-changing topics: Transparency, Acceptance, and Growth. But although the topics at TAG conferences are diverse, they all share an essential theme: Personal Life Experiences. You will find speakers from every culture and nation sharing their wisdom on how they connect.

Fueled by a diverse set of perspectives, the speakers and attendees will open your mind to new ideas and creativity from all walks of life. This is why TAG has drawn momentous media attention across the nation and internationally.

TAG Talks® is a group of people who have found their voice. They are living their purpose and want to inspire you to get the most out of life. The power of transparency and acceptance should never be underestimated, and are crucial to growth.

The world is a vast and curious place. TAG Talks® explores and inspires people to share their personal stories with a community of like-minded souls — either online or through live events around the globe.

Join us. We are constantly striving to create inspiring events, products, and experiences. We want to cultivate an environment where you can connect with others and share stories that fulfill immense transparency.

Founder & Organizer
Raul Lopez Jr.

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Share your story on stage, in books and create masterminds around your subject.

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Raul Lopez Jr. 

Raul is the founder of TAG TALKS® a professional speaker and one of the most-sought out personal development trainers in his industry. Raul helps people master and monetize their personal brand. He is the Author of the life changing book Heal the Boy and the Man will Appear. Helping you discover the root cause of negative patterns and limiting beliefs. Learn important steps to Generating More RevenueGrowing Your Business & Key Success Strategies. 

Help me give my book to at risk youth.

Tom Bilyeu  

Tom Bilyeu is a filmmaker, a serial entrepreneur and a founders of the billion dollar company Quest Nutrition.

As a way to give back,  Bilyeu founded the Impact Theory studios, teaching and inspiring hundreds of millions of people to adopt an empowering mindset and breakout of the Matrix.

Tom's aim is to influence the cultural subconscious by building a single-minded content creation machine that makes exactly one type of content, content that empowers people. If Disney created the most magical place on earth, Impact Theory will be creating the most empowering place on earth.

Impact Theory

Forbes Riley 

Forbes Riley has been called one of today’s greatest marketers. She has sold everything from the Jack LaLanne Juicer to her own Spin Gym, appearing on numerous infomercials and television shows. Her total sales of lifestyle products include more than $2 billion from television marketing. She was inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame as a fitness expert and appears regularly on many television shows, including The Doctors. She is also the host of numerous television series including The X-Games on ESPN and Essentials on TLC.

Les Brown

World’s Leading Motivational Speaker

As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity.


Kevin Harrington

An original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization—Kevin Harrington has pushed past all the questions and excuses to repeatedly enjoy 100X success.

His legendary work behind-the-scenes of business ventures has produced well over $5 billion in global sales, the launch of more than 500 products, and the making dozens of millionaires.

Twenty of his companies have each topped $100 million in revenue.

Krista Mashore

Krista Mashore has been in the top 1 % of realtors nationwide for 20 years. Krista is the author of four best selling books focusing on digital marketing and has been named Yahoo Finance’s number 1 digital marketer to watch in 2021! She has been featured in Forbes, Inman News, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Fox, and many more! Krista recently took her new coaching business from zero to 18 million dollars in just under four years with a projection of 20 million+ by the end of this year. She is the recipient of seven Two Comma-Club Awards, and one Two Comma Club X Award.

Meet Krista Mashore

Brian Navabi

Brian has been in the fitness industry for 23 years. After quitting his 6 figure job as the GM of sales for a franchised gym he took the huge risk of pursuing business/entrepreneurship. After losing everything he started a business with only $300 working day and night until scaling the company from 0 to multiple 7 figures on track to turn it into an 8 figure brand.
Brian's philosophy - Make sure no matter what you do, you take action constantly. Balance that with humility and always be willing to learn new things. No matter how much you know you don’t know it all and you can always learn something new.

Till You Collapse
Alex Mandossian

In from San Francisco, Ca Alex is the CEO of Marketing Online and a global marketing expert whose marketing strategies have generated $400 million in sales and profits for his companies, students, clients, and alliance partners across five continents since 1993.

Global Marketing Expert

Kane Minkus

Flying in from Scottsdale AZ. Kane has delivered over 2000 business growth trainings in 32 different countries, Kane & Alessia’s methods, systems and proprietary techniques have served over 500,000 Business Owners and Professionals offline & over 3 Million online. Learn to create unique and powerful tools and presentations that shift your potential, past what you know as possible today.

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