Empowering people to share their lives,

Someone needs to hear your story!



TAG is an acronym for the three major life-changing topics: Transparency, Acceptance, and Growth. But although the topics at TAG conferences are diverse, they all share an essential theme: personal experience. You will find speakers from every culture and nation sharing their wisdom on how they connect.

The schedule is quite busy: 8 to 12 short presentations, plus meet the speaker gatherings for attendees to socialize.

Fueled by a diverse set of perspectives, the speakers and attendees will open your mind to new ideas and creativity from all walks of life. There are no telling what people will do once they hear a Personal Story of Transformation. This is why TAG has drawn momentous media attention across the nation and internationally.

TAG Talks®is a group of people who have found their voice, and learned who they are. They are living their purpose and want to inspire you to get the most out of life. Stories are the backbone of the human experience. The power of transparency and acceptance should never be underestimated, and they are crucial to growth.

We are on our way to building a vast database containing empowering content from the world’s most impactful people. The world is a vast and curious place. TAG Talks® explores and inspires people to share their personal stories with a community of like-minded souls — either online or through live events around the globe. Join us.

We are constantly striving to create inspiring events, products, and experiences. We want to cultivate an environment where you can connect with others and share stories that fulfill immense transparency. TAG is an unbiased company. We aim to spread stories that are inspiring and have a strong meaning. Moreover, the stories that can change lives.

Founder & Organizer

Raul Lopez Jr.